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Could Azealia Banks (rap’s unknown descendent) actually be the owner of one of the angriest singles to drop in 2011? Halfway through the carefree housey ‘212’, the song transitions into an angsty shout session: “What you going to do when I premier/Bitch the end of your lives are near”. Her…

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According to, the model on the left represents women who wear their average sizes and the model on the right is “plus size.”

All I know is I would rather look like the girl on the right in this dress. Damn.

I rather look like the one on the left.

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This fall i got the September issue of InStyle. Everyone knows the September issues are the best, because they are like 5 million pages thick. 

Within the first 50 pages, I saw this:

I instantly knew I wanted to/ must hang out with these people and all of their trendy sporting equipment.

then there was this:

How cool are these people? 

I want to be decked out in plaid and a lettered cardigan with my pickle ball racket and basset hound near by. I bet they live in the Hamptons, and take artsy photos and have their own intertwined relational dramas with each other that play out only the way a rich person’s could. 

Even the middle-aged people are hip

they even drive a wood-panelled station wagon! A STATION WAGON! 

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My dearest cousin has just arrived home after 8 months in Thailand. We are back to regular conversations, and this is the epitome of our relationship:

My one prayer for everyone, maybe every girl more specifically, is that they have that someone that they just get lost in giggling with—the type of giggling where you cannot breathe and tears are streaming down your mf’n face. 

one of the best websites EVER. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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I realize I need to post more original content, because, dammit, i am creative. however, i have become lazy and sluggish in the past couple months.

This is a result of me hating my job. when i arrive home, the last thing i want to do is use my brain. i just want to lose myself in food and reruns of “king of queens” and call it a day.

we’ll see what becomes of this.